Monday, February 20, 2017

All of my genealogy!

I never knew my grandfather.  But I am told that I am at lot like him and sometimes I think that maybe reincarnation exists in some way shape or form.  My grandfather passed away when my mother was pregnant with me.  Sometime while in high school I got a bug for genealogy and used to write LOTS of letter (the WWW was just at it's infant stages in the late 80's early 90's).  So that is what you did.. you called or wrote letter by hand....and actually put a stamp on it.  Somehow over the course of time I ended up with all of these books that my grandfather used to clip newspaper articles, funeral cards, family information, etc.  25 years later I am working on making all of this electronic so someone out there can also have.  The next posts will be of information I have gathered for the post title name at hand, along with any images I have been able to match up as well.  All of this information will also be listed within my account as well. 

Questions? Please ask.  

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